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How would you like to grow your audience on social media and attract people to you and your business? 

Social media is an incredible place to expand your reach, and get people to know you. And it’s also great to build a business, cuz that’s what we’re all doing. 

When it comes to using different platforms that are available to us, people do the right and the wrong things. I wanna teach you the right things that will HELP you rather than make you look like an amateur. 

So if you intend to use social media heavily to grow your audience and to build your business, you gotta look like a professional. Here’s one of the blog posts that I did on that subject, that’s gonna help you out. 

Wanna Build an Audience With Your Phone? 

TONIGHT my buddy Aron is gonna be sharing some ninja lead-gen secrets on one of the coolest apps that I know – Snapchat! So if you’ve been confused by it, you definitely don’t wanna miss that training. I’ve been using Snapchat for a little over a month, and I can tell ya – I’ve been confused with it and overwhelmed. I didn’t even believe it was a big business tool, but I’m telling ya – the app is HOT, and you can build a very engaging audience over there! 

So get registered RIGHT HERE and come join us at 9PM EDT! 

Oh, and I’m gonna share some stuff that I’ve learned about Snapchat on today’s live stream that I’m doing on Facebook. So you can either follow me or add me as a friend by clicking HERE. Let’s connect! I’ll be streaming at 12pm EDT – 4pm GMT.

I’m a huge fan of Facebook marketing, so I’m very very active over there and I grow my audience both by reaching out to people and attracting them to me through content and different ways that I share in the video below. 

One of the things that you absolutely MUST do before implementing all the methods that I’m about to share with you is – identify key leaders that are related to your industry. So if you’re in home business like me, those leaders might be Eric Worre, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Grant Cardone. Why do you need to know that? Because you don’t wanna attract random people to your brand that have no interest in you. 

If you are in network marketing, and you’re not gonna go and interact on Rihanna’s fan page where she has crazy fans (I’m on of them lol), you won’t find people that you’re gonna work with. You have to be targeted, and find people who already have expressed interest to network marketing or personal development. And if you are in health and wellness niche, you may go to certain magazine fan pages, etc. Do some research. It will take a little bit of time but it’ll be absolutely worth it for the long term success in business. 

In the video below I share the exact 4 strategies that you can implement right away to grow your audience on social media. I also share one little strategy, which is super simple, but with that strategy you will never EVER run out of people to talk to, and you will have tons of friend requests – real people that you can build relationships with. 

Grow Your Audience on Social Media


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