Home Business Automation - How to Create Leverage in Your MLM BusinessWhat is home business automation anyways? And is it even possible? We’ve all heard those things “make a list of people, talk to all of them, share the product”.

Although I’m not knocking this type of approach, because we all do it. That’s basically the subconscious thing we do, and nothing’s wrong with that. Who would you talk to when you start a business? Warm market!

But what’s next? You typically turn online, unless you want to do 1-on-1 coffee meetings for the next decade or so. Don’t know about you, but that’s not why I signed up in network marketing.

Network marketing is about creating freedom, which is why automation is a beautiful thing. And it can be done these days with the Internet.

Old school strategies still work, but the true power lies in the Internet and using it to your advantage.

Home Business Automation – Create More Leverage in Your MLM Business


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With every single training I want to give you something for free, that will help you boost your business online.

One of the things that I know most network marketers and business owners struggle with is the daily routine. This is by far one of the most common questions I keep getting, so I decided to package it up into a free download for you.

There’s 6 essential elements that you must focus on every single day in order to get more leads, recruit more people into your home business and build a successful business online. 

It doesn’t matter whether you have 1 hour, or 4 hours a day. You can customize this routine that fits your needs.

Once you have a solid DMO (daily mode of operation), things will change!


First and foremost you must have a system in place where you can plug in all of your new team members. It could be a Facebook group with some walk through videos, or some company generic training.

Your team mates must know what it is they should be focusing on within the next 30, 90, 180 days and beyond. There has to be clarity, so your team doesn’t bug you every day with little questions. Of course, in the beginning when you have a small team, it’s okay to get back to each person, get on the call, whatever you need to do.

However, in the long term, you must have something in place where you can point people to. You need this especially if you see the same question keeps popping up.

Another reason for having a system – it’s duplicatable. Once your team mates know where you plug them in, what they need to do, then they can do the exact same thing with their customers/distributors. Leverage your time and let the system do the work for you.


What is it that you’re currently using to expose people to your company product or opportunity? Probably a company video, or a live webinar, maybe a hotel meeting. You can either keep using that, or you can have a private Facebook group for that matter.

It’s not that difficult to setup. All you need is a closed Facebook group and post company videos there explaining the business side and/or the product side. You can even have 2 separate groups setup – one for customers, the other for business builders. It obviously depends on the type of product you have.

Once you have the group setup, your goal is to invite people to it. And another thing you need to do is to keep the group engaged by posting there consistently. You can post customer results with the products, rank advancements, company alerts. Post everything that is important. Be sure to stick to the company guidelines though.

Another way to use Facebook groups is for your teams. It’s so easy to keep all the communication and team training within the groups.


Messenger is probably one of the best things that has ever happened to us. The ability to message and call and even video-call across the globe for free is a no-brainer. Not to mention it’s all within Facebook.

Although, in network marketing we’re all taught to pick up the phone and call everyone, or call the leads you generate, Facebook is so powerful in combination with that.

These days you can build your audience on Facebook, and keep all the communication within the app. Want to know the best automation tip? I’m sure you have either heard or done some 3-way calls with prospects in your upline. Imagine setting those up with multiple time zones.. Crazy..

Instead of dealing with that, you can easily setup a 3-way group chat on Messenger. No need to scratch your head about the time zones. And if you still need to hop on a call, you can do that within the app. Way to build a global team!


Talking one on one is great, and we all do that. However, if you want real leverage in your life, why not talk one to MANY? And you can totally do that through webinars. It’s very similar to what your company is probably doing already or to the good old home meetings.

The only difference is it’s online based and you don’t even need to get out of the house. The best thing? You can invite people to join your webinar from all over the world, and of course, it’s free!

If you’re curious what software to use to host webinars, there are 2 that I highly recommend. The first one is Zoom – the easiest one and the most cost effective. If you’re more into hosting professional webinars, then I recommend Webinar Jam – check it out here.

There’s far more home business automation strategies that you can utilize in your business. Covered so far are just the basics that you can implement right away!

In the video above I share 3 more killer strategies that will save you a ton of time. Some of them will help you tremendously if you’re super busy and don’t have a lot of time to spend on social media. Feel free to share those with your team!

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Want to actually learn how to build your email list online? A good friend of mine Mark Harbert is probably one of the best out there who’s super knowledgable in that are. He’s built a list of over 40,000 people in the last few years. So if you’re looking to learn this skill set, check out his bootcamp.

Wanna Know What Tools I Use to Build My Business?

  • My Ultimate Tool Kit – I get asked a lot as to what exactly I’m using to grow my brand and my business, so I’ve put together one page where I shared everything I recommend. Hope you enjoy it!

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