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How much free value should you create in the market place and when is the perfect time to make an offer to your audience? 

When should you really make a “pitch” and kinda give them a reason to take action and let them work with you?

That’s the question I recently got from someone that I work with, and I wanted to share my answer in the video.

Let me start off by asking you – what is value in the first place? I heard this question on one of our blabs too. So value is basically a piece of content that you share with your audience. It can be a blog post, a video, even a webinar, or an ebook. It has to be something that would solve your audience’s problems. It’s gotta be specific. In the video below I share different examples for different niches that you can choose from.

Here’s something that I believe in when it comes to sharing free value with the world. It HAS to be consistent. Period. Content that you share won’t work for you if you share it “sometimes”. You have to be very strategies when it comes to content creation. From my perspective, you have to create content DAILY. Is it too much? Is it too difficult? No, it’s not. If you are still struggling with consistent content creation, I highly recommend for you to check out this course on blogging that I have gone through (it also helped me become the number 8 MLM blogger, and you can do it too!).

Whenever you create a piece of content which is free value, you will attract people to it and to YOU. Guess what happens when they read a blog post that you wrote or a video that you shoot? They get to know you a little bit, and they start trusting you because you help them with their specific problem. Just recently I got a comment on my YouTube video from someone, and they thanked me for providing value and actually helping (cuz no one else did before). How cool is that? This person basically reached out to me, not the other way around. That’s the reason I LOVE content, cuz it works for you 24/7 (and I created this video months ago). 

But when do you make a “pitch” or offer them something? This is exactly what I talk about in the video below.

How Much Free Value to Deliver


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