When it comes to Facebook Marketing, there are countless of ways to put yourself out there. One thing you should always remember is that you can only do business on your Facebook Fan Page. So if your Personal Page is filled out with only business, it’s just a matter of time when Facebook will shut you down.

If you decide to choose Facebook as a main platform to market (which you should, because there’s more than a billion people out there), be sure to create a Fan Page. It’s not that difficult at all. You have so many more options on Fan Page than on a personal page. And I’m going to share one great method to put yourself out there on Facebook and get more eye balls on You and Your business.

And this method is Facebook Featured Video, which was added quite recently. This is how it looks like on the page itself:

How To Create A Facebook Featured Video

So whenever someone lands on your Facebook Fan Page, they immediately see YOUR Face, they can play out your video and you build relationship with your audience immediately!

Key Components of a Great Featured Video:

Introduction – who you are, be sure to mention your blog, where you’re from.

Your Story – what you do, how you got exposed to the home business industry, how you got started.

Your Struggles – share your pain points, your stumble blocks, what you’ve been going through in the past, and that your journey is not perfect as it may seem on the outside.

The Solution – what you found, that made all the difference for you, whether it is a system, or a business (don’t pitch your business opportunity straight away, no one likes to be sold something), share exactly what has helped you in your journey.Β 

CTA – your call to action, whether you get your audience to opt in to your list, to like your page, or to share something with their friend, you ALWAYS need to have a call to action, there’s no point in creating videos without including a call to action.

So here’s what you need to do in order to create a Facebook Featured Video:

1) Upload Your Video on Facebook Fan Page

2) Add Call To Action Button (I chose “Learn More”), and your link to a capture page or to your blog.

3) Then once the video is uploaded, you need to go to “Videos” section on your Fan Page, and there click on the blue button “Add Featured Video”

4) And add video description, your capture page link, and you’re DONE!

Did you get value out of this? If so, I would greatly appreciate if you commented and shared!Β 

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