how to define your customer avatar

How to define your customer avatar to grow your business even better? 

A lot of the times network marketers say – my product is for EVERYBODY. Every single person on planet earth needs this! And they get all excited, and then never sign up a single person. I’ve been there myself.

But the thing is when you’re trying to market your products or offers to everybody, you’re marketing to nobody. And you won’t attract your perfect customer. I’m sure you may have heard that phrase already before. 

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So when it comes to business building or selling any types of products, you gotta know how to define your customer avatar, and you MUST know the kind of person that you’re trying to attract. Because if you’re in coaching, you don’t want to have every single person in your program, right? You want specific types of people?

If you are in a make up network marketing company, then you wouldn’t be targeting male for your business, would you? Of course not! And if you’re in a weight loss company, you won’t be targeting those skinny people. You get the point. That’s why you gotta know your perfect customer avatar. Period.

And especially if you’re doing paid advertising, you don’t wanna be targeting everybody. And you wouldn’t be targeting dog lovers if you were selling cat food, right? It’s not congruent. That’s the reason a lot of people get burned out with paid traffic – because they don’t know their audience. They are positioning the wrong offer in front of the wrong people.

You have to start from the basics. Do you wanna attract men or women to your business, or product, or service? What’s their age range? Are you trying to market to younger people that are from 20 to 35? Or do you wanna market to people who are from 40 to 55? What’s their profession and income? What’s their lifestyle? Maybe you’re in a travel company, and you wanna attract people that wanna travel more? What do they like? What do they dislike? 

Those are all very very important factors you have to consider. And in the video below I share how to define your customer avatar in more details. So the more targeted you get – the better customers you’ll have. So feel free to watch the video, and grow your business more profitably!

How to Define Your Customer Avatar


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