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How to develop daily routine if you’re building your business part time? 

Are you still making excuses that you don’t have enough time to build your home business? Especially if you have a full time job that you work 9 to 5. 

Well, let me tell you upfront – if you can’t build this business part time, you’re not gonna be able to do that full time

So you gotta learn how to prioritize your time and schedule your days the way that you will get results in your business. 

And from my perspective it’s simpler to do that with a full time job, because you don’t really have time to waste it. 

When you’re working on your business full time, you’ve got all sorts of distractions around you, and you think that you got 24 hours, when in reality they pass by extremely fast before you even manage to blink (that’s what happened to me when I first started). 

So I do build this business full time, but I wanted to share what I would do if I was building it part time.

First of all, let’s assume that you have a 9 to 5 job, you wake up every day at 7 am, you come home at 6 pm. You also spend an hour to get to your work, and an hour to get back home. Let’s also assume that you are brand new to the online marketing business.

What you need to focus on first is your personal development – you gotta learn the skills and you gotta work on your entrepreneurial mindset.

Personal Development

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Personal development can be anything – it can be a book, an audio, a CD, Audible (audio book), a webinar, a course, or even a live event. So instead of listening to radio, or watching news on TV in the morning, listen to an audio while you’re driving to work. Spend your time wisely, especially if you got an hour to commute.

Content Creation

So after you’re done listening to a podcast, or any other training – it could take you 30 minutes or so, you can create a video or even a couple of them (of course, not when you’re driving) – either if you’re stuck in traffic, or when you’re parking your car and you’ve got a couple spare minutes. Shoot a quick 2-3 minute video sharing the information that you just learned while you were driving.

Make sure you always teach the information that you’re learning. Don’t just let it sink in and don’t do anything with it. You gotta get into production mode, because producers get paid, while consumers only invest their time and money and don’t get anything in return.

If you wanna take your business even further, I highly encourage you to start a blog. Now, your blog posts don’t have to be extremely long, you can simply shoot videos and add some text to the blog post that will lead to the video. Don’t have time for that? Wake up an hour earlier – instead of 7 am wake up at 6.

In terms of social media content, anything can be done from your mobile phone. So when your boss is not watching you or you have a lunch break, create some images for Instagram, post a status update on Facebook. It doesn’t have to be complicated. 


All of the content creation that I talked about is passive marketing. This is not something that will bring you results fast. Prospecting will. How do you do that? Set a number of people that you’re gonna talk to every day, and make sure you hit it. You can split your number. You can do 5-10 people on Instagram by sending them Direct Messages, and you can do 5-10 messages on Facebook. 

Follow Up 

This entails several things – following up with your messages on Social Media, sending out an email to your list, and calling your leads. 

Once you get back home, spend 30 minutes (or it may take you even less), log into your autoresponder, and send an email to your list with the content that you produced today. Share with them what you’ve learned – your video, or blog post, etc.

Then, let’s say from 7 to 8 pm you can devote an hour to calling your leads (in the beginning it may even take you less than that). 

Are you still questioning – how to develop daily routine if you’re part time? I don’t think so. Don’t overcomplicate everything. Keep It Stupid Simple, and you will quit your job sooner than you think!

Watch the video below where I share how to develop daily routine in more details.

How To Develop Daily Routine if Part Time


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