In my previous posts I have shared several ways of generating leads for your business. And in case you’ve missed them or haven’t read them at all, here they are:

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So now when you know how to generate leads and if you do that already (congrats!, you’re on the right track), the next step is to start building relationships with them. The fastest way to do that is through a telephone. You can do that via email follow-up, but it will take more time.

Getting on the phone with your leads can be challenging for most people who are just getting started. And it’s been difficult for me too. I was really making every excuse I could to avoid calling my leads. I was not confident in what I was gonna say. I thought that I could say something wrong or miss an important sentence or a question. And I wasn’t even confident in my English “speaking skills”, because I’m not a native speaker. And even though, I do know English at a high level and I passed all the important exams at high school, there was still something that was stopping me.

And it was in my mind. Everything that you do and you can’t do, better to say, you THINK you can’t do, is in your MIND. It all comes from your head. If you don’t believe in yourself, you’d better stop. Have the belief that you CAN do it, that you have the POWER. That is why working on personal development is so crucial in any business.

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In the video below I shared Four Tips that have helped me to “overcome myself” and start making these darn phone calls. Stop getting frustrated with picking up your phone. It’s not that difficult to do it as it may seem like. It’s all in your head.

So these are the the Four Tips that I mentioned:

1)It’s not about you, it’s about THEM. Don’t focus too much on yourself and on your ego. THEY are in pain, they have struggles, they are looking for a solution. And you need to provide it. 

2)Ask more questions. Get your prospects to talk. Let them explain their problems, and what it is that they were looking for, when they’ve opted into your website. Don’t EVER say too much on the first call, and don’t even try to explain everything about your offer or business opportunity. Your company has tools and presentation that will explain it much better than you. 

3)Don’t pitch your business opportunity or any offer that you have. Find out their struggles and figure out how you, or your opportunity can help them. 

4)Just be yourself. Show them that you’re a real person and that you actually CARE about them. Don’t try to be perfect, and don’t focus too much on the script that you may have. Your prospect won’t know if you missed a question, they don’t have your script! And they don’t know what you were supposed to say. Being natural will always attract more people. 

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