How To Promote Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketing is an amazing business model when it comes to making money online.

But a lot of people are asking – how to promote affiliate products like a professional?

Thousands of people promote them, but ho do you stand out from everyone else?

The competition is so high, so you gotta differentiate yourself somehow.

There are 2 ways on how to promote affiliate products and how you can be profitable doing that. One way is good but not as good as the second one.

The first way is done by 95{f3c65145988e2e59c83e583cebd868b487b41a6223d103cb7159bbb31ea456e1} of marketers. You can go to Clickbank or Jvzoo, choose any product, and start driving traffic to it. A lot of people still make mistakes with that. One of the most common ones – directing traffic to a sales page. You’re gonna lose a LOT of customers doing that. You have to generate leads first. You  have to get them to say YES to checking out your offer.

You also have to use the product before you even promote it. If you don’t believe in it, you’re not gonna be able to promote it affectively. So first, buy the product, use it, get some results, and share it with your audience.

And only THEN you can start promoting that product (make sure you do the research on the products before even promoting it, because there are some crappy products on those platforms that I mentioned). And guess what happens with paid advertising? When you put a dollar in, you can expect to get a dollar back. But once you stop putting in those dollars, you stop getting them back.

That’s the reason I highly recommend for you to use the second method to promote affiliate products like a PRO. This method is the one that most marketers don’t do. It’s also the way that professionals use and that’s why they make more money than everyone else. It’s your content!! That’s the ultimate way on how to promote affiliate products and actually get paid! Because you’re in business to make money, not just to jump around.

I highly recommend to start your own blog simply because you OWN the content on your blog, that no one can take away from you unlike YouTube. You can have your YouTube account shut down any day, without you even knowing that. You gotta own your content. 

So how do you actually get paid by providing your content?

Here are the steps that you have to take.

1.Buy the product.

2.Go through it (get some results)

3.Take notes.

4.Create a video or/and blog post.

5.Give a strong call to action for people to learn more.

And that’s how to promote affiliate products like a true professional. Content is extremely powerful! And guess what? It stays there forever. Unlike YouTube videos your blog posts stay there, and they will bring you commissions 6 months from now, 1 year from now, and even 5 years from now. 

Watch the video below for more detailed overview.

How To Promote Affiliate Products


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