3 Steps to Increase Sales With Social Media Marketing

Would you like to increase sales in your business just by using social media marketing strategies?

If we’re talking about just building a business online, social media is a perfect spot to make it happen!

Just think about it – on Facebook alone there’s over a billion active users. It’s just one social media platform.

There’s also Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Google Plus… The possibilities and the amount of people you can reach are insane!

In this post I’m going to share with you 3 steps to increase sales with social media that I learned from Entrepreneur magazine June’s issue.

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First of all, keep in mind that every social media platform is different. However, principles always remain the same. You don’t have to use every single one of them in the beginning. Start with one, build a following and only then move on to the next one. That’s why you will eliminate the overwhelm of trying to be everywhere and you won’t be frustrated that you don’t have followers anywhere. Eventually you will be omnipresent with every social media website.

Another thing you you have to keep in mind is that there are 2 ways to using social media – either paid advertising or free marketing. Paid advertising is available on every single one of them these days. Again, pick the strategy that you resonate the most with. If you wanna run fast, go for the paid ads.

1.Attract an Audience Hungry to Buy

You’ve probably heard this already, but it’s the very first and important step – know your target audience. What is the person that you are trying to attract. Clearly, you don’t wanna work with everybody! When you try to attract everybody, you’ll attract nobody. Pretty simple concept.

Once you identify that, don’t try to sell them your product right away. Most people will not buy on the first exposure. Why? Because they don’t know you yet. Some studies have shown that a person needs on average 7 exposures before buying something. You have to be patient.

Attract prospects with high quality content, which you can share via blog posts, videos, social media status updates, podcasts. This will help you establish yourself as an expert, that people will look up to.

What is it that your audience is struggling with? Your content has to solve these problems. That is how you can build trust and relationships with them. And that’s what’s going to make them to buy your products or services.

In the video below I share this in more details as well as 2 more key steps you have to take to increase sales in your business. Simply creating content is not enough!

Increase Sales With Social Media

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