Just had a privilege to interview my friend and total marketing rockstar, also known as Instagram Queen, April Marie Tucker, and how she’s been able to go from cocktail waitress to one of the industry top leaders in about 5 years.

I asked April some tough questions on how she got started and what exactly she did that allowed her to see results in her business after struggling for some time in network marketing industry.

This is something that you would absolutely benefit from, especially if you’re just getting started and lack clarity in your business.

Last year when I started to market my business online, the first strategy that I implemented and that brought me the results that I was looking for, was Instagram. Why? Because it’s super simple! If you want to see the exact training that helped me then click here.

April is also one of very few marketers that I know, who does almost everything in her business from her smartphone. And in November she’ll be releasing her brand new course on Mobile Marketing, which I’m super excited about!

So you’re in for a real treat! Get ready to take notes!

Hot Seat Interview With Instagram Queen April Marie Tucker

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In this interview you’re going to learn:

-Exactly how April started in the home business industry and what strategy she’s been using to get the results.

-The major breakthrough and turning point she had 5 years ago when EVERYTHING changed in her business and finally started to make sense.

-How to position yourself online and attract people that will wanna work with you in whatever business that you’re in.

-The exact action steps that you need to be taking in your business, especially if you’re brand new.

-How to structure your day and get more done if you’re doing this business part-time.

-3 key tasks that you should focus on getting done every single day.

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