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Did you miss Live the Dream 7 event that happened a few weeks ago in Austin, TX?

OMG! That was my first one, and it was absolutely epic. It was even better that I expected it to be.

So many amazing people. Incredible training. Lots of connections were made.

I wanted to share my 5 biggest takeaways from Live the Dream (of course, there’s a lot more).

While I was in Mexico (another quick vacation I took right after Austin), I recorded a video sharing what I learned.

Don’t Miss the Next Live the Dream Event

If you haven’t been to Austin, TX at Live the Dream event this year, you missed a LOT of training and a lot of fun too! However, there’s some good news for you too. This event is annual, so it’s happening only once a year. And it’s already been announced for the next year. Talking about the seriousness of this company.

The coolest thing is Live the Dream is gonna be in the exact same epic hotel, which is JW Marriott – it was AMAZING! The event is happening in August 2017 from 11th till 13th – 3 full days and it’s gonna be even better than this year!

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1.Have a Vision Bigger Than YourselfJelena Ostrovska Dr Joe Dispenza

We actually had Dr. Joe Dispenza speaking, and I’ll tell you what – the most REAL speech that I’ve ever heard in
my life. And I’ve gone through a lot of training. Even though I heard some of the things that he shared, but the difference is he backs everything up with science and he proves you that what you’ve been learning from other trainers is TRUE.

This is one of the things that we’ve spent quite a bit of time on creating. Brian Fanale also made us write down our vision for the next 6 months and keep it with us every single day (I do keep it in my pocket wherever I go). And then we had another exercise with Dr. Joe where he explained how to make our vision more detailed. Pretty powerful.

Vision is exactly what’s going to keep you going when times get tough. And that’s how you stay consistent, which is the absolute key to success, from my opinion. In the video below I talk about it in more details.

2.Be Authentic

We also had Jesse Jameson speak, who is a Facebook Advertising Beast. We actually have a Live Q&A with him tomorrow (Wednesday, August 31st), you can register here and ask any questions you have related to Facebook Ads.

He shared that when you are building up your fan page (which is essential to run advertising through Facebook), you have to be yourself. You have to be authentic. I also believe that it should be applied to all the marketing you do online. To your videos. To your webinar. The way you talk to people. Everything.

If  you’re not authentic, don’t expect your business to grow and don’t expect anybody to be interested in what you’re doing. If you’re fake, people will sense that.

In the video I go over 3 more takeaways from Live the Dream 7 event. Obviously, there is a LOT more, but I wanted to share my biggest “aha” moments. Absolutely life changing event.

5 Live the Dream 7 Takeaways

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