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Are you really able to make money with Instagram? Not a lot of marketers are using it. So Instagram is still one of those “overlooked” Social Media platforms.

And even if marketers are using it, they are using it in a wrong way – spamming their links, pitching their products, without actually taking the time to build relationships with people. Because that’s the key to any social media platform. 

But let’s face it – it’s still Social Media, just like Facebook, or Twitter, it’s just more visual. And the good thing about it is it’s owned by Facebook, so the audience is huge over there.

Instagram is great, because it’s visual and very straightforward, unlike Facebook where everything – videos, images, status updates – is under one roof. Instagram is more devoted to images and short 15 second videos. 

1.Your Bio/Profile

That’s the first thing that people will see when they click on your name, and you have to make sure that it’s appealing, and not something that’s gonna turn them off and they’ll run away. What I see a lot of people are doing is just putting their company information in there, and it’s not what attracts leads and customers for your business. You attract people to YOU first

Your username should be YOUR name, it shouldn’t be your company name, because it’s already branded. People know Instagram Bioabout that company. You have to get your name out there. It can be either your full name, or if it’s not available, it can be something like “WorkWithName”, “ProfitWithName”, “SuccessWithName”. Pick whatever you want.

The next thing is your bio – it has to be short and clear. There are around 180-240 characters available, so you have to squeeze in your information there. Be very specific. If you have a blog, add it in there (it adds some points to your credibility). In the video below I share more in details how you can create a catchy bio.

Now, here’s the important part of your account, that will allow you to get leads and actually make money with Instagram is the link that you put in your Bio – that’s the only clickable link on Instagram. So make sure you put a capture page over there. Don’t post Sales Page straight away, because you’re just leaving money on the table like this. People don’t come to Social Media to buy stuff. Give them valuable information in exchange for their email address.

Can You Make Money With Instagram?



Content is KING no matter what platform you’re using. And Instagram is more like “behind the scenes” Social Media, where you gotta mix up your content. In terms of what to share on Instagram it can be quotes (they get a lot of engagement), it can be business tips, and it can be lifestyle (that’s what most people do post on Instagram). Don’t make your profile all business related, because Instagram is a Social Media, not an office.

And even when you look at some big companies and what they’re posting on Instagram, it’s literally behind the scenes. Let’s take some shoes brands as an example – they post how they come up with designs and how they create those shoes. You should be doing that strategy too. Instagram was not created primarily for business, it was created for fun. 

3.Audience Building

Growing your audience is one of the absolute KEYS to make money with Instagram and any other platform. Once you have attractive bio and good content, you need people who are gonna engage with you. One of the best ways to find people on Instagram that are in your niche is by researching for different #hashtags. It’s almost like keyword research. 

So let’s say you’re in home business niche like I am, so you can find people by companies’ names. That’s a great approach, because you wanna target those people that are already exposed to the idea of network marketing. And start engaging with people – like their posts, comment on their posts (that will actually make you stand out – you can also tag them in the comments), and follow them. So once you do that, a lot of people will follow you back. And they’ll be checking your profile out. So you wanna make sure you have all those components in place.

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