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Network marketing is not an easy business. You gotta develop mental toughness to stay long enough in the game. 

Let me tell you upfront – there will be challenges, there will be stumbling blocks on your way to success, there will be non-supportive friends and family. What matters is how you cope with all of that. Are you able to overcome all those challenges?

You gotta become thick-skinned in order to do so. So in the video below I share 5 steps to develop mental toughness and stay long enough in this business to achieve your goals.

Step #1: Physical Conditioning

You cannot just sit there and wait for people to come join your business. You can’t wait for results to come. You have to physically go out there and take action. You gotta be actively engaged in money making activities, and doing whatever it takes to achieve the desired results. Especially in the beginning you have to be willing to hustle. 

It is so important for you to show up in your business daily, and not only show up, but take massive action! And you have to do it regularly. If you do something once or twice a week, it’s not massive action. If you do something consistently for two weeks, and then do nothing for the next month, that’s not massive action. Be a person of integrity, and show that you’re here for the long term, and you’re not somebody who will be out of business next week.

Step #2: Read Affirmations

I personally used to be very skeptic and negative about affirmations, because I thought how do these positive statements can impact my life? I heard a lot of people telling that they work like magic, but I didn’t get it in the beginning.

So what are affirmations? These are basically positive emotional statements that are put in the present tense. This is the way I start every morning – before I do anything, I read affirmations which I have stored in my phone gallery. I’ve written them down on a piece of paper, and took a picture of it. This is the way to to feed your mind in the morning, before you get caught up in all the other activities. If you’re still thinking of how to put together those affirmations, watch the video below where I shared some of the examples.

In the video below I share 3 more killer steps to develop mental toughness. So if you’re in the process of it, check this video out.

5 Steps to Mental Toughness


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