Merry Christmas

It’s holidays time, so Merry Christmas to you – my blogger reader! This is an exciting and busy time for everyone! 

I wish you much health, luck, success, and abundance in the new 2016 year! This year is gonna be even bigger than 2015! 

But the thing with all these Holidays is that marketers think that it’s not a good time for building a business. I can tell the complete opposite, because during that time I signed up 4 people into one of the programs that I promote.

Is Holidays a bad time for recruiting? Heck NO! This is the perfect time for you to step up your game, and get ready for 2016! NOW is the time to create that momentum, that will kickstart the new year! 

But what if you’re super busy with family and all other stuff? My recommendation is set your goals right now! Don’t wait for January 1st to come. It’ll come anyways. It’s time for you to plan what you wanna achieve next year. And not only next year. What do you wanna achieve in January? 

You gotta write down both short term and long term goals. 30 day goals are so powerful! Get yourself a notebook and write down what you wanna accomplish in 30 days of January. Are you gonna start a blitz? (I will!). How many leads do you wanna generate? How many people do you wanna recruit? To what extent do you wanna increase your income? What new skill set do you wanna master? 

Answer all of those questions to make 2016 your BEST year EVER! Stop just telling that you’re gonna do something. Go and actually do it! Implementation is so key. 

I remember last year telling myself that I’m gonna kick off 2015, but then something happened, and I didn’t do much for about 7-8 months. You don’t wanna make the same mistake! That’s why I highly recommend for you to WRITE everything down. And make sure you actually keep those goals in front of you every single day. You have to SEE them every time. 

Even better, create a vision board for 2016. Who do you wanna become in 2016? How do you wanna change? Answer all of those questions, and put that vision board on your wall in the office. 

Watch my Merry Christmas message in the video below!

Merry Christmas 2015


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