MLM tips - prospect in a new location

Today I wanted to share one of the key MLM tips to help you build a business if you’ve moved to a different location.

I got this question the other day – how would you build a business if you move to a different place and you don’t have any friends, family and you don’t know anybody in the area yet?

Especially if you wanna build a local team, so you can meet them face-to-face. This works great in terms of team building.

Wanna Build a Global Business?

If you’re someone like me, and you like to go beyond your local area, online marketing is the way to go. Online world is MASSIVE. You’ll never run out of people to talk to about your network marketing business. But you gotta learn how to do it.

There are 2 ways to go around that – prospecting online or lead generation. I like and do both of them. And of course, having people come to ME, asking ME for the information is waaay cooler! How would you like to have at least 5-10 qualified leads coming to YOU? Would THAT change your business? I’m sure of that!

There’s a 5-step blueprint that all top earners are using to build their brand, grow their audience, and build a successful online business. You can access the blueprint here.

But what do you do when you move to a new area, and you don’t know anybody yet? No friends, no family members, nobody. There are two options how you can prospect people into network marketing – online and offline (obvious, huh?). Online is my favorite, because you can use it regardless of your location.

From my experience, one of the best places to prospect people to grow your home business is Facebook. With over a billion people you’ll never run out of people to talk to. Stop thinking in scarcity that the market is saturated, because it’s not. Now you may be asking – “but WHERE do I find people?“. That’s probably the most common question.

Well, you the good thing about Facebook is that you can build your business both – locally AND globally. How awesome is that? There are 3 places where you can find people.

Number one is Facebook groups. You can either look for people that are posting all about their company and you can come from a place of service and monetize them with training just like this one, or if they’re not happy with their company, you can offer them yours. You can also go into Group Members and connect with people like that.

Number two is Facebook fan pages that are related to your niche. You can go out there and comment on their posts to get some attention. You can also reach out to other people. A couple fan page recommendations if you’re in network marketing – Network Marketing Pro, Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard.

And number three is Facebook graph search. That’s the place where you can find people locally. You can simply enter something like this – “people who like Robert Kiyosaki and live in ‘your city'”. And then connect with these people based on the commonality that you have – you live in the same area.

In the video below I talk about a different strategy which offline. That’s how you can meet other people in your area and build your network marketing business.

MLM Tips – Prospect in New Location

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