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Are you a blogger already? Or even if you’re not a blogger YET (which you should consider doing if you’re serious about your online business), pay attention, because you will find this information useful and you can come back to it once you do start your own blog! 

The question of the day is how to monetize a blog? What I see a lot of people are doing is they do have a blog, they provide some content, but they’re not making money from their blogs.

And this applies to every niche – internet marketing, health & wellness, fitness. People don’t know how to monetize a blog. They think they’re gonna put a bunch of banners or Adsense ads and they’re gonna be rich. It doesn’t work like that these days. It may have used to work in the past, but not anymore. You gotta get a flood of traffic to make some money with Google using this strategy.

Well, another problem with this type of strategy, is that it’s not the most professional one, but your blog will look only like you’re just desperate to make some money out of it. You have to focus on providing value to your audience, and recommend a variety of products that you are using or have used in the past, that have helped you and that are going to help THEM.

So in this post I share 7 different types of offers that you can promote and monetize a blog.

1.If you are reading a lot of different books that are specific to your niche, and you do a blog post on a list of books, why not insert an Amazon Affiliate Link, so that when people go there and buy something, you get credit? You can just go to Amazon, sign up for their affiliate program and share some products that you’re using (you have to check if they’re available in your country though). This method will not bring you a full-time income, but it’s gonna be something to start off with, and when your audience grows, your little affiliate income will grow too.

2.Different affiliate systems – so if you’re a part of something like My Lead System Pro, then you can promote it with your blog too. And you can get paid some pretty cool commissions too, which range anywhere from 30{f3c65145988e2e59c83e583cebd868b487b41a6223d103cb7159bbb31ea456e1} up to 100{f3c65145988e2e59c83e583cebd868b487b41a6223d103cb7159bbb31ea456e1}, and you don’t need to create any products yourself.

3.Affiliate products that you have used or are using right now – it can be a JVzoo product, or Clickbank product. I don’t recommend to put all of the affiliate links that you have, because it’s gonna look spammy. Put them into places where appropriate. Insert links of the products that are congruent with particular blog posts that you’re writing.

4.Your own products. If you are at the point in your internet marketing career when you can create your own products, put them on your blog. This will position you as a credible authority, as someone who knows what he/she is doing, and people will perceive you as an expert within your niche – that’s the type of leader that you wanna become.

5.Marketing tools that you’re using. So you may be using autoresponder like AWeber, or hosting within Bluehost or Hostgator, that will pay you affiliate commissions if someone buys from your links. And what’s good about these tools is that they pay you little residual commissions, and most likely people will keep using them for a very long time. I don’t promote these tools in every post unless it’s appropriate to mention them (like in this post), but I put them in Resources page in the menu at the top. Even if you’re using some premium themes on your blog or some plugins or any other tools that are worth sharing, get affiliate links! 

6.Your “Work With Me” page. On this page you can offer people a way how they can work with you personally, either in a home business company, or even if you have your own coaching programs. If you look at my page in menu, you’ll see that I have an application form, and when people fill it out, I get on the phone with them and figure out how I can help them. That’s what you can do as well! 

7.Events. It doesn’t matter if you host these events, or you are attending an event and you can be an affiliate to promote it, then do it! You can put together some blog posts for promotional purposes, or put a banner on the sidebar.

Now you know pretty much enough of ways how you can monetize a blog, but you need to put those links strategically, you can’t just spam your affiliate links all over the place. In the video below I share 6 places where you can get more eye balls on your offers, so make sure you watch it! 

How To Monetize a Blog


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