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Ever wondered – what are the most engaging posts on Facebook that you can share?ย 

I was always curious about what’s the real secret to getting all the engagement in the world over at Facebook. Why do some people get a ton of it, and I’m still trying to figure it out?

I’ve been using Facebook a LOT in my business, especially in the past couple of months. I mean – really actively. I’m online pretty much all the time. It can be a great distraction, but it’s also an amazing tool to build your business with. Heck, the majority of the people whom I signed up into my business came through Facebook.

Here’s the thing – some people believe that engagement is not important at all. I have a little different opinion about it. What engagement basically is is getting likes, comments and shares on your Facebook posts. Why does it really matter to you? The more people like and comment on your stuff, the more people will see it in their newsfeed. And what if they share something? Even MORE people will see it. You gotta get as much attention as you possibly can. Period. That will help you increase your brand awareness.

Facebook also works really funny, because they don’t show your posts to all of your friends. Imagine if you’re meeting new people there daily, of course you want them to see your posts. That builds up trust and credibility. So, from my perspective it’s all about exposure that you get.

One of the biggest tips about engagement on Facebook is if you post something, and your post get lots of likes and comments very fast (in the first 30 minutes or an hour), it will be shown to even more people. And you’ll get way more engagement this way. That’s basically how this Edge Rank works (or Facebook algorithm).

So now you know that the more engagement you get on Facebook, the more exposure and the more attention you’ll get. As a result more people will reach out to you, and be willing to connect with you (if your content is good).

In the video below I share the top 4ย most engaging posts on Facebook, so you can build your audience and attract more people to your brand. One of the posts that I shared quite recently got 150+ likes and around 80 comments. So I guess that’s not that bad for engagement. And in the video I talk about exactly what I shared.

The 4 Most Engaging Posts on Facebook


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