most powerful motivational question

In this post I’m gonna share with you the most powerful motivational question you can ever ask yourself. 

How many times have you felt like “not doing this“? You just wake up in the morning and you don’t wanna do anything? 

Then next thing you know – you’re sitting in front of the TV and eating some junk food? And the day just goes by without you accomplishing anything? 

I know what it’s like, cuz I’ve been in the exact same situation when I was just getting started building my business. 

I used to sit in front of my WordPress dashboard, thinking of what to blog about, and then just closed it down without writing anything. I sat down in front of the camera with my scripted video, messed it up and didn’t record anything. This is resistance at its finest. It hits everybody. You gotta fight it, because otherwise it’ll consume you, and you won’t achieve anything in life and in business.

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A lot of the times when it comes to getting the important tasks done, we either procrastinate, or we just don’t do them at all. There were days for me when I recorded 7-10 videos on Monday, and got so much done in the beginning of the week. And by Friday I was just exhausted, and didn’t wanna do anything during the whole weekend. This is bad for business.

From my perspective (you can disagree with that), in entrepreneurship we don’t have days off. I work every single day, and I like that. Why? Because I have a vision, and I know the answer to this most powerful question that you’re about to discover. My business will not thank me if I take a day or two off. 

I always have to do something that will bring me results either fast, or long term. Even if it’s a little thing, like a status update on Social Media, or a chat on Messenger. It can be anything that you would do every day. You may wanna take a little break on Sunday, I get it. But you have your phone with you, so you don’t have any excuses not to post something quick on Instagram, or not to send a message on Facebook to a prospect. But you gotta answer that question. 

I share this most powerful motivational question in the video below, so I highly recommend for you to check it out. This will absolutely transform your days and your productivity. I would even put this question on a sticky note and plaster it on computer, so you see it every time you’re not doing a money making activity.

Most Powerful Motivational Question


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