Is Network Marketing a Pyramid Scheme

Today I wanna give my thoughts on a very popular question – is network marketing a pyramid scheme?

Or is network marketing a scam? Or is it a real business where you can make great income?

Many people seriously mis-understand our industry.

There are a couple reasons for that – they either got burned themselves or someone they know got burned.

Why does that happen? In some cases people come into the home business industry with a bad mindset, just trying to make some money fast. It doesn’t work this way. It’s not a get-rich-quick business model.

In other situations people get burned with a wrong company that gets shut down in a few months (most companies don’t survive the first years in business). Then they think it’s all a scam. 

Or they get involved with a team where they don’t have any culture or support (that’s what happened to me in the first year of being in the industry). This happens, you just have to get over it, and focus on your goals.

And there are also people who come into great companies but they don’t put in enough action and effort to build it up. Network marketing takes time to build up. Not everyone is patient enough. 

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Let me give you a real example in comparison to MLM and if you still have concerns about network marketing a pyramid scheme, or get-rich-fast model.

There’s a business model called franchise, i.e. Subway. You invest anywhere between several hundred thousand dollars to million or two. The numbers are sky high. So you have to take a loan from a bank, and then work your butt off to pay it pack. It usually takes about 10 years. Do you really wanna do it? And the risk is way higher than in network marketing. You may lose a ton of money instead of making it.

I personally woulnd’t wanna invest THAT amount of money without knowing whether it’s gonna work or not. Network marketing model is fairly similar, except for the investment. In the MLM industry you usually invest from $50 to $500. Waaaay more affordable, huh? But you know the real problem with this? Not everyone is treating network marketing as a real business, that’s why they fail.

In the video below I talk a pretty cool concept that proves that we all do network marketing pretty much every day, without even realizing it. So feel free to check it out to eliminate your concerns about network marketing being a pyramid scheme.

Is Network Marketing a Pyramid Scheme?

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