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Paid advertising is one of the fastest ways to get leads and produce sales in any business, since you pay for leads acquisition, and you can pretty much predict your results.

However, a lot of people think that paid advertising is too easy, and they go after FAST results, and eventually they lose a lot of money, because they don’t know certain things about doing paid advertising the right way and turning it into profit.

In this post and video I share the exact 5 key things that you MUST have in place before doing paid advertising.


This is the VERY first step that every marketer should take, especially when it comes to paid advertising. It is so easy to make mistakes and lose money. It’s not that difficult to start getting traffic to your website, but what matters is that you should be doing this the SMART way.

You HAVE to first educate yourself on any paid advertising source. It really doesn’t matter which traffic strategy you’re going to choose, you need to master ONE mainly. Don’t try to spread yourself into ALL of the different strategies. You will feel totally frustrated and overwhelmed. 

Don’t ever try to jump from strategy to strategy without investing in your education. This is the biggest mistake that you could ever make. Investing in courses, events regarding certain topics will save you a lot of TIME, MONEY and frustration over time.

5 Things You Should Know About Paid Advertising

2.Research traffic providers

It is super critical especially if you’re doing Solo Ads, because there are a lot of crappy solo ads providers out there, and all these people are trying to do is to sell you clicks. Some leaders even mention that solo ads don’t work really well right now. You really have to dig into different providers and TALK to them. With solo ads it’s really easy to lose a lot of money. Research is super critical. 

The exact same thing goes with banner ads. You have to place your banners on websites that have a good amount of traffic every month, and these websites have to be related to your niche, or your traffic won’t convert, because it’s not really targeted.

3.Never send traffic straight to affiliate page or sales page

This is one of the most critical elements in driving paid advertising to your offer. Imagine thousands of affiliates in your program sending traffic to the exact same pages that you are using. Just imagine this.

What happens next? These pages get saturated, and visitors will already know what the offer is.

So instead of sending traffic to the same, used by everyone else, pages you have to differentiate yourself, by having your own custom branded funnels with your own videos and free offers, that will pre-sell your core offer. It sounds a little bit complicated, I’m breaking the whole strategy in the video above and in the tip #4. 

4.You need to have your own custom branded funnel

Your own custom funnel that is branded to YOU will do the magic once setup right. There are certain things that you wanna make sure that you have in place. 

First of all, you need to have a capture page. The simpler – the better. It has to be very straight and to the point. The most important factor of the capture page is its headline – it will either increase your conversions sky high, or conversions will drop. You really have to spend some time on the headline itself or hire a good copywriter.

The next thing you should have is a so-called self liquidating offer (SLO). This is one of the secrets that a lot of marketers use and this way they are able to recoup their money from paid advertising and re-invest them back into it. This offer is typically around $7 to $47, that covers your expense that you put into traffic. And this offer kinda “self liquidates” itself. 

On this page (with SLO) you need to have a video that will position you as authority and this will allow you to warm up your cold traffic, which will lead into more sales. 

And the next thing that you need to be doing is segmenting your list into buyers and non-buyers, so you communicate with all of them on different levels. And this will also boost your conversions.

5.Follow Up

This is where the real money is made. Don’t EVER EVER expect to make a lot of money in the front-end sales. Yes, you WILL make some money on it and you may even recoup your ad budget back (which is cool), but your main focus should be on your follow up strategy AFTER you get the leads. 

People need at least 7 exposures before they buy something. You also should remember, these are COLD leads in most cases, and these people don’t know you yet. And they don’t trust you. You have to position yourself as a credible, trusted advisor, and THEN they will buy from you. 

Your email sequence is what’s going to bring you money. And one of the BEST ways to make money in this business is to get on the PHONE with your leads. Offer them a strategy session, or a free coaching call, or let them schedule an appointment with you. Because what happens when they talk to you, they will know that you’re a REAL person, and you’re there to help them. You can’t avoid the phone in your business. Period.

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