Paid Marketing Or Free Marketing

The question is – paid marketing or free marketing? These are the main two choices that you have to make when starting an online business. It always comes down to these two.

So which one should you start with when you’re brand new in the online marketing – paid marketing or free marketing? 

In this post and video I’m going to share why you should consider paid advertising and pros and cons of paid and free marketing.

So when you’re starting in the online marketing absolutely brand new, paid marketing can be a tough one. No doubt that it is complicated, especially for newbies. Even some of the seasoned marketers believe that paid advertising is not an easy place to start off with. 

Speaking of free marketing strategies, here are just a couple of them that you can start doing: 

  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Blogging 
  • Video 
  • Podcast

Even though free marketing strategies DO take some time to create this momentum, it will be absolutely worth it at the end, because imagine, you put the content on your blog or on your YouTube channel, and it will bring you leads and sales over and over and over again, in 1, 2, or even 5 years. And it won’t require you any extra work. Your content will basically work for you, even if you don’t work. Pretty cool, huh? 

With paid marketing it’s not an option. Once you stop investing in it, leads and sales stop. However paid advertising brings you results much much faster than free marketing strategies.

Paid marketing also requires you to know some of more advanced skills like copywriting, creating your own branded sales funnels, your own email follow ups, etc. To setup a good sales funnel will take you on average 6 months

You don’t want to wait 6 months without taking any action, do you? 

So instead of focusing on all of that technical stuff, you can get started with free marketing strategies right away. It doesn’t require a LOT of experience. Anyone who is brand new and who is coachable, can learn the basic skills and just dive right into it. 

Paid Marketing Or Free Marketing…

One of the most critical steps that you should remember when you are starting brand new in the internet marketing arena, you always have to FOCUS on one marketing strategy. Period. Choose something that resonates with you and run with it for at least 90 days – you will create an unstoppable momentum and the results will come in no time. 

It really doesn’t matter which one you’re going to choose, but the key here is that you gotta stick with it. You have to learn the strategy first, and then you have to implement it as fast as you possibly can, because the most important thing is consistency.

The only problem with free marketing strategies is that you can’t scale them compared to paid advertising, where you invest a dollar in, and you can get two, or five or ten dollars back, which you can re-invest into more traffic and get even more results. Free marketing is not the case, but once you gain momentum, you will have “residual” leads and sales, which means your content will be working on auto-pilot, which is a huge advantage over paid marketing. 

So let’s recap which strategy is better – paid marketing or free marketing.

What you should understand is that there’s no such thing as free strategy. You either invest time or you invest money. Which is is more valuable to you? Of course there are certain aspects with both of these strategies which I just talked about.

With free marketing you have to set the foundations right, like your social media channels, your blog overall design, etc. And with paid marketing it’s pretty similar. You DO need to have the foundation prepared before running paid traffic, or you will lose a lot of money.

I DO recommend to start with free marketing strategies when you’re brand new online, and once you gain more experience and skills, you can add up paid advertising as well.

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