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Do you wanna know why it is important for you to craft your perfect customer avatar

In one of the previous blog posts I shared how to define your customer avatar, cuz it’s super important that you do so.

You can check out that blog post by clicking right here.  

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So crafting your perfect customer avatar is especially very important if you’re doing paid advertising very actively, such as Facebook ads, solo ads, etc. Why do you think people lose tons of money with ads? It’s not because of a bad offer (even though it might be a reason too). It’s because they put the wrong offer in front of the wrong audience. That is why you MUST know your customer avatar precisely. How does this person look like? What do the like? Even give them a name, so you can speak directly INTO them!

Reason #1: To Improve Your Conversion Rate

If you are sending paid traffic to your capture pages, you wanna get as many leads for the price you pay as possible. If you send 100 click to a website and only get 10 leads, there’s a problem. And you gotta fix that. Usually a good conversion rate would be around 30{f3c65145988e2e59c83e583cebd868b487b41a6223d103cb7159bbb31ea456e1} or even higher if you get more targeted. And you’re paying for traffic, so you wanna get a higher return on your investment, don’t you? 

Reason #2: To Lower Your Ad Cost

The whole purpose of advertising is not to spend less. It’s to create the ability to spend more. That’s why you have to know the perfect customer avatar for your offers, so that you can break even on your advertising and bring in actual profit. See, that’s why most marketers cannot even break even – because they don’t know who they are trying to attract. And if you don’t break even, you cannot re-invest back into ads. And you don’t wanna be paying 5 or 10 bucks per lead. You wanna spend less, so you can generate more profits. 

In the videos below I share 3 more absolutely critical reasons to craft your perfect customer avatar, so you can become profitable in your home business. So check it out, and comment below your thoughts.

Reasons to Craft Your Perfect Customer Avatar


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