5 Business Lessons to Create a Breakthrough

When it comes to growing a business, we all could use a couple of business lessons here and there.

No matter what business you’re building, you NEED to know the stuff that I’m about to share with you in this post and video down below.

Just recently I was going through some ebooks by Grant Cardone, where he shared several business lessons.

So I wanted to share 5 of them, that will absolutely help you create a breakthrough you’ve been looking for. I know it helped me!

Take Your Business to the Next Level

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1.The mission of a business is to help other people. This is probably one of the most important business lessons you’ll ever learn (which also applies to network marketing). Why? Because most people approach every business just to sell sell sell. Although, it’s true – you sell stuff to your audience. However, no matter what product or service you have to offer, it solves a specific problem of your target market.

If that’s a weight loss shake in your primary MLM business, people don’t just buy it to drink it every day. They buy it with an end goal in mind – to lose weight. Or even further – to fit into that black dress they used to wear 5 or 10 years ago. You are selling the benefit of your product, NOT the product itself.

One very powerful quote you better keep in mind is – people who buy a drill, don’t just buy a drill, they buy a hole in their wall. Very simple principle, that applies to any business.

2.Reinvent yourself every day. When people start in a network marketing business, they think they’re just gonna make some money. I know that’s what I thought when starting out. Not true! Network marketing is a personal development incubator. You’re not gonna “sell some products and make an extra $500 a month”.

Network marketing will always require you to reinvent yourself and grow every single day. You cannot expect to make a 6-figure income from this business, and still remain the same person who’s earning $50K per year. A different mindset is required to go to the next level income wise. Personal development is simply a MUST.

In the video below I go over 3 more very powerful business lessons that will allow you to finally experience that breakthrough that every entrepreneurs is looking for.

5 Powerful Business Lessons

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