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Would you like to know how to look like a professional on social media, and not like a sleazy marketer? 

That’s the question I got quite recently from someone on Facebook, and wanted to share a few tips about marketing through Social Media, and how to stand out from everyone else.

What I see a lot on social media, and especially on Facebook, is that a lot of people are just trying to make a quick buck. That’s not how social media works. This is called spamming, not marketing. 

The tips that I’m about to share with you can be applied to every single social media platform, whether it is Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram, or LinkedIn. The principles are always the same. 

Wanna Stay Out of Facebook Jail?

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So what is it that you have to do to look like a professional on Social Media? How do you stand out from everyone else, and attract people to your persona? There are a few extremely powerful tips that, once applied, can make a big difference in your business. Having a social media presence is super important, because almost everybody is on social media nowadays. And if you base your business around social media, and you have lots of customers coming in from that source, it’s smart to pay attention to it.

1.Your Profile

I can’t stress this enough how important your profile setup is. This is basically like your social media face. And we all know, that first impression matters, so it’s gotta be good! Whenever I go to someone else’s profile, I wanna see a real person with a real profile picture. I don’t wanna connect with a car, or an airplane, or a cute kitty. You have to have a good profile picture of you smiling. I’m not telling you to go do a professional photoshoot. It’s totally not necessary. You can have someone take a picture of you on an iPhone. Just be yourself, and show people that you’re a real person. In the video below I talk about it in details, and more little tips that can make a huge difference (the devil is in the details, right?).

2.Your Content

The majority of people in network marketing seriously don’t know how to market themselves and their business on social media. All they’re doing is spamming their wall with their business opportunity links, hoping for people to join. We’re not in “hope marketing”, we’re in “network” or “online” marketing. You gotta learn how to build relationships with people first (and this can be done via content too). Always be sharing value with your friends and followers on social media. Content can be videos, it can be images, it can be quotes, or status updates with business tips. But please, share as less links as possible (unless it’s a blog post link). 

In the video below I share with you exactly what to do to look like a professional on social media, and how to attract people to YOU, cuz that’s what it’s all about. People will join YOU, not your company. Always remember that.

How to Look Like a Professional on Social Media


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