Are you a perfectionist? Are you always trying to make everything look pretty, and perfect before getting it out there?

As a result you’re not getting ahead, you’re just staying where you’re at. And that’s destructive for any business. You always have to move forward.

Can You Relate To This?

Let me tell you a quick story. When I started this blog in February this year, it took me about a month to set it up. Why? Because I mapped out the entire site first, and every single page and the way I wanted it to look like. Then I was playing around with colors, headers, branding, etc.

When in reality I should have been focusing on getting my content out there, having basic setup and improving my blog throughout the process. And the basics that you need to have on your blog is your content and a way to get leads into your autoresponder. That’s it. Everything else can be added down the line.

But when I actually started blogging, another problem came up – I had to make the actual blog posts look perfect. I had to figure out the font that I liked, the coloring, the call to actions, the alignment of text and images, and all sorts of unnecessary stuff. So my biggest concern was that I didn’t wanna have an ugly blog.

Anyways, after I started putting the content out there, I stumbled upon other challenges – what do I blog about, why would people listen to me, video marketing problems. For me to create a video in the beginning was a disaster. It probably took me around 40 minutes to shoot a stupid 3 minute video. I was afraid to make mistakes, or to say the wrong thing, or to forget words (because I’m not a native speaker, so that was a problem). So I haven’t blogged for a while afterwards.

Here’s What You Need to Focus On

Look, when people go to your blog, or watch your videos, they don’t care about the background, or how you look like, or if you make mistakes. All they care about is the MESSAGE that you’re sharing. They care about how you can help them solve their problems. That’s it.

What I always like to say, especially when I’m procrastinating on things trying to make them perfect, is “Progress Over Perfectionism”. Would you like to start getting results in your business by being imperfect, or would you like to be perfect without any results? I bet, it’s the first one.

I like the way Brendon Burchard says it – “Version 1.0 is better than version 0.0.“. And it’s so true! 

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The video that I shoot for this blog post is not perfect by any means, it’s not scripted, I didn’t have any notes prepared – nothing. I just clicked the “record” button, and started talking. Here’s my suggestion if you’re not a native speaker like me – start doing little 15 second videos for Instagram. That’s how I started. We had a 30 day challenge, and I kept doing those videos even when I didn’t feel like it. And once you get comfortable, you can make longer videos. Trust me, practice makes you better. That’s what you want. Don’t try to be perfect – you never will be. We’re all human. 

Stop making all the excuses, that you don’t have a good background, or you have a bad hair day, or your make up is not that good, or whatever else that comes in your mind. Start sharing what you’re learning, and just get your content and your name out there. The best way to make people know you is by putting yourself out there every single day – by sharing content. 

Keep practicing until you get comfortable with a particular task. If it’s a blog post, and you’re not a native speaker, I encourage you to write shorter articles – around 400-500 words. And then you can write longer ones – around 1,000. The same thing goes with video marketing – in the beginning make shorter videos, and then create longer ones. 

Put the focus off of you, and focus on your audience, and how you can help them solve their problems. That’s what entrepreneurship is all about. Provide solutions with your content, and people will love you for it! 

Are You a Perfectionist?


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