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Jelena’s Resources

Jelena Ostrovska resourcesHey there! One of the questions I get asked a lot is what are the tools that I’m using in my business, or what courses, books and events I recommend. So instead of answering this question individually to everybody, I’ve put together this special page where I spill all the beans 🙂

It took me a lot of trial and error to find the RIGHT tools that fit me, and that could fit you as well.

A quick disclaimer – some of these are affiliate links (I partnered up with some of these companies so I get a commissions when somebody buys, because I love these products, and I know they can help YOU!).

So here you go – everything you need to grow a successful online business.

Must Have Tools

go daddyGoDaddy – if you need a domain name for a website (which most likely you do if you’re building a business). Like with any service, there are multiple platforms that sell domains, but I find GoDaddy to be the best one. I never buy domains from any other place, and highly recommend them. So if you’re looking to buy a domain, don’t look any further. TIP: Don’t buy hosting from them, only buy domains 😉

bluehostBluehost – when you start a blog or just a regular website, or some type of membership site, you need a place to host this website. The hosting platform I’ve used in the past has been Bluehost. They’re very reliable, pretty simple to use, as well as their customer support has always been very helpful. Never really had any big issues with them. You can choose from different plans that they have here.

AWeber – you have probably heard that you have to build your email list. In order for you to do this more effectively, you must have an autoresponder. This little tool allows you to send an email to thousands of people with a click of a button. Pretty powerful, huh? Of course, there is a lot of different autoresponders out there. I’ve personally always used AWeber. It is very easy to use, and their customer support is amazing. You can test them out for 30 days for free and see if you like ’em!

ClickFunnelsClickFunnels – this is the ultimate tool for you to create capture pages and actual FUNNELS to automate your business online. So if you’re actively wanting to grow your email list (which you should if you build online), then ClickFunnels will allow you to do that seamlessly. I gotta tell ya one thing – if you feel that you are not that techy, don’t worry! Yes, it will require a bit of a learning curve, but I know some people that are not technically friendly AT ALL, and they’re using ClickFunnels like nobody’s business. Go ahead and give ClickFunnels a test drive for free for 14 days.

zoomZoom – when it comes to hosting team meetings, or even some 3 way calls if you’d like. I’ve used them both for prospecting calls when I needed to do a presentation and share my screen – very convenient and easy to use. I’ve hosted webinars for small groups of people. You can also record everything and save it to your computer. The best part is it also records the audio separately. This was super handy for me, since we were doing a course and wanted to give people access to the MP3 version to put on the phone. They have a free version and a paid one.

Webinar JamWebinar Jam – this is by far the best webinar platform I’ve ever used. And I’ve tested multiple ones, some of them just didn’t do the job, so I ended up cancelling everything I had and went for Webinar Jam. It caught my attention a while ago after seeing a lot of “big dogs” in the online marketing using it. The cool part also is you don’t have to pay monthly, sign up for the full year and rock & roll with webinars!

My Fave Marketing Courses

the 3 minute expert ray higdonThe 3-Minute Expert – do you want to become an authority within your niche almost overnight? There is a lot of different courses on marketing, branding and blogging, but this one has been a total game changer for me. This was actually my first big course that I bought and I went from struggling in my business to building a full time income. Seriously one of the best courses out there. Period.

The Copywriting Mastery – I believe one of the must have skills that every marketer should develop is copywriting – the ability to sell with your words. Yes, you can certainly outsource some of that. However, psychology and knowing how your prospects think is something that will allow you to never have to struggle with making money ever again. This course was created by one of my mentors and friends Brian Fanale, so he is the total master. This course is pretty heavy, but it is the ultimate copywriting course that you need.

Total Recruiting Mastery – ready to step up your prospecting game and start signing up more people into your organization? Then this course is for you. I’ve gone through this and can’t recommend it enough. That was actually the second course I bought from Ray Higdon, and the reason I liked it was because it was very easy to consume. And I also rank advanced the following month after completing it.

FB advertising pro jesse jamesonFB Advertising PRO – I’m a huge fan of Facebook advertising and been doing it consistently since September 2016, will definitely never look back. This is the way to scale your business. The thing with Facebook is their Ads Manager is confusing – most people get lost up there (I know sometimes I do). This is the most comprehensive (and current) course about Facebook ads from a guy who is managing some of the biggest ads accounts.

No Fear Video Marketing System Mark Harbert Jelena OstrovskaNo-Fear Video Marketing System – This is one of the most exhaustive and epic product EVER on Video Marketing! This is Mark Harbert’s Legacy of Work wrapped up into 1 product. 10 Module Video Marketing System that he’s been perfecting for the past 7 years. Everything. Laid out, step-by-step, module by module, video by video. No matter where you’re at with your video marketing… scared to death complete newbie, OR an intermediate already-making-progress video marketer. This will take your video lead generation and your brand into the stratosphere. Absolutely LOVE this course! Highly recommend it if you wanna get started with video marketing (and even if you wanna take it to the next level).

The Sales Funnel Equation Mark Harbert Jelena OstrovskaSales Funnel Equation – Most People Fail Because They Don’t Have The Proper Sales Follow Up System In Place. What’s revealed in this course is the EXACT Formula You Can Use To Get Leads, Make Sales, and Increase Profits By Creating High Converting Sales Funnels Even A Newbie Can Duplicate. All with no experience necessary, no expert skills required, anyone, including you, can create a super high converting sales machine.


The Deep Abyss Diane HochmanThe Deep Abyss – We all need a little mindset fix every now and then?! Hell, we MUST work on our mindset day in and day out. What if I told you there’s a secret mastermind where you get to learn from a lady who’s been PROFITABLE in the home biz industry for 18 years+. Pretty much for as long as I’ve been on earth lol. And when you learn, you gotta learn from the best! So every month, she’s pulling back the curtain and you get to actually TALK to her and participate in the discussion, to figure out what is it that’s blocking you from success. The best part? You can be a part of i for less than $1/day! Check Out the Mastermind Here

More Awesome Tools – this is my go-to place when it comes to hiring Virtual Assistants. If you need any work to be done like graphics, or social media management, or video editing, or even a full time VA, Upwork is definitely the place to go. There are many other places to find virtual help, but I’ve been personally using Upwork, and my Virtual Assistant is from there. – Fiverr is a great place to get some minor work done. This is more of short term projects, like getting some graphics made for your products, or lead magnets, or editing a video. Don’t go to Fiverr if you need a full time virtual assistant. TIP: Be sure to do your research and check out the reviews before placing an order.

dropboxDropbox – if you are hosting all of your files on computer only, you’re crazy. And I was too! This is not safe, because anything can happen. And trust me, losing your files is not fun. If you’re gonna be building a big business, you need to back up ALL of your files. The digital way is Dropbox.


I hope you found this page super valuable!

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