7 Hot Snapchat Marketing Tricks

Are you at all using Snapchat marketing to help you grow your online business?

A lot of people have been confused by it, because they think only teenagers are “snapping”, so how the heck do I build a business with teenagers as an audience?

Some people just don’t know what to do with Snapchat. They think you can only use funny filters (I love them haha). I’m gonna prove this wrong to you in this post.

In the video below you’re going to learn 7 Snapchat marketing tricks that you can implement on that “weird social media app”.

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If you’re still thinking that only youngsters are using Snapchat, maybe Gary Vee will change your mind. Here’s what he says about Snapchat – “If you’re running a business in 2016, you need to be thinking about Snapchat as a channel to grow your customer base. Period.” (Click to Tweet)

So the audience is completely different right now. And I see more and more industry leaders jumping into Snapchat, because they start seeing the value in this platform.

What is Snapchat really all about? It’s about you sharing what you’re doing behind the scenes of your business. It’s the last 24 hours of your life that are shared as a “story”, so people can check it out.

What I personally love about Snapchat is unlike on any other social media, I can actually see who’s watching my snaps. Pretty awesome, huh? You don’t get these metrics on Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter (unless, of course, someone likes or comments or retweets your posts). It’s really unlike anything else.

First of all, you have to understand that even though Snapchat is different than every other social media website, the principles for marketing still remain the same. Remember, platforms come and go, principles stay the same.

1.You have to provide valuable content to your Snapchat audience. This is basically what you’re doing on any other platform. However, on Snapchat you do mix it up with your day to day activities that you do besides your business.

You can share some motivation, inspiration, or business tips. Some people do rants on Snapchat, which is also cool to watch (especially within your industry). Again, it’s all about your content!

2.Engagement. This is something that’s totally unlike any other social media. Engagement on Snapchat is clearly different, because like I mentioned earlier, you can see who’s watching your story, who’s taking screenshots of it. You can also see who’s opening your messages (that’s on Facebook too).

It’s not only about YOU sharing some cool stuff. It’s also about you watching other people, interacting with them, and building relationships. That’s something that I absolutely love about Snapchat marketing.

In the video below I share 7 more Snapchat marketing tricks that you’re totally gonna like. It’s something that makes Snapchat a complete tool to growing your business with this little social media app. So feel free to check it out.

7 Snapchat Marketing Tricks

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