Social Media Blueprint - How to Grow Your Network Marketing Business Like a ProWould you like to know the social media blueprint, that you can follow to grow your network marketing business?

Over the last 3+ years I’ve embraced social media instead of offline marketing to grow my business. And I can tell from experience – glad I made that decision.

Not only you get to leverage your time, you also get to build a business with people all around the world.

If you are building your business locally, great! But if you’re looking to expand further, social media is the way to go.

There are a few simple principles you need to apply to make sure you stand out online, and to actually grow your business.

Social Media Blueprint – How to Grow Your Home Business


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With every single training I want to give you something for free, that will help you boost your business online.

One of the things that I know most network marketers and business owners struggle with is the daily routine. This is by far one of the most common questions I keep getting, so I decided to package it up into a free download for you.

There’s 6 essential elements that you must focus on every single day in order to get more leads, recruit more people into your home business and build a successful business online. 

It doesn’t matter whether you have 1 hour, or 4 hours a day. You can customize this routine that fits your needs.

Once you have a solid DMO (daily mode of operation), things will change!


I’ll be taking Facebook as an example, but you can apply the same principles to any social media platform. First and foremost, it’s super critical to keep your profile clean. You may event want to remove or unfollow negative people..

Don’t post any negativity, don’t post anything related to politics or religion. It won’t serve you when building your business. You have to treat your social profile as your virtual business card. What do people think when they first see you and your content? The first impression always matters. So make it count.

On top of that, stop posting your company products and company name all over the place. When you do that, you’re handling all your leads to Google.

On social media you have to raise more curiosity rather than resistance. Click To Tweet 


Jelena Ostrovska Facebook profile exampleNow as you cleaned up your profile, it’s time to give it a “lift”. If you want to be presentable (which you should be), you must have a nice profile picture with your face on it! Don’t put your kids, or cars, or planes there. It has to be YOU. It doesn’t have to be a professional photo, a selfie always works!

Have a nice cover photo as well – either your family, or you travelling somewhere, or something from your vision board. Also, be sure to add a short bio of yourself so people can get to know you a bit.


Content is one of the key components when using social media to build your business. Some people say all that matters is prospecting. In my opinion, on any social media both things matter – communication and content.

And when it comes to content, not only it has to be consistent, it also has to be well thought. You can’t just post content for the sake of content. Use your creativity to make sure that you stand out.

I always highly recommend not using those copy/paste status updates everyone else is using. How does that make you different?


Now as we got through the content, of course that content has to be seen by the right people. Which is why you always have to be expanding your audience.

First of all, identify who your audience is and what they are interested in, and what they’re biggest pain points are. Then go into the places where they are hanging out at.

Make it a goal to add 5-10 new people to your friends’ list daily. Don’t try to be selling right away, focus on making a friend first and building a relationship.


Once you build up the relationship and you get to talking about business, there will be a point where you can present your business or product. There won’t be that “perfect time to pitch” though.

It always depends on the conversation that you have and if the person is sharing their pain points with you or not. Your goal when building a business will always be to show the presentation, of course.

And once you do so, then your duty is to follow up. I generally either follow up by Messenger, or stay in touch with people through content. Also helps to engage with people’s posts, so you’re always on top of their minds.

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  • My Ultimate Tool Kit – I get asked a lot as to what exactly I’m using to grow my brand and my business, so I’ve put together one page where I shared everything I recommend. Hope you enjoy it!

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