Are you leveraging your time? Or are you spending way too much time and not getting things done? How productive are you throughout the day?

I used to spend a lot of time on things that didn’t worth it, things that I could either automate or simplify. In this blog post I’d like to share with you the essential tools and websites that I use, that’s going to help you a lot if you want to make your daily routine more productive.

1)Capture Page Creator 

This is a must if you’re serious about building your business online. You need to capture your prospects’ information (name and email) so you can then follow up with them. If you’re not building your list, you’re not building your business. I personally use my blog for capturing leads and I use this system for lead generation.


If you’re building your list, you need to follow up with your subscribers, autoresponder is the way for you to do it. It saves you a lot of time, because you can send an email to hundreds or even thousands of people with one click. There are many autoresponder services, such as Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, etc., but I personally use Aweber, because it is integrated with most online services.


It stands for Customer Relationship Manager. Have you ever wondered how all 6-Figure earners follow up with their prospects? This is the exact tool that they use, to follow up like a PRO. So let me give you an example. Let’s say you are getting about 10 leads per day, every single day. You call these people every day. And there are so many, that you forget what every one of them told you. Someone was ready to join your business, another person asked to send them an email in 2 days, another one said “no”. How would you remember all of that? And every single task that you need to do in order to keep in touch with your prospects. This is what CRM is designed for. Your prospects will be pretty surprised when you call them and ask them how’s their dog doing, for example. They will wonder, how did you remember that? And, of course, they will feel like you’re friends. And they most likely will be open to do business with you. Usually, CRM’s are quite pricey, the one I use, you can try for as little as $10 => Click Here to Learn More


This is, in my opinion, an essential part of your business, if you’re serious about marketing online. Your blog is your hub, it’s your home, where you can share any information you want. You can post pretty much about everything and drive traffic to it. And when you create content, it’s there to stay. And it’s going to produce long-term results. With a blog you will generate leads and sales even while you sleep.

5)Free Stock Images 

When you have a blog, it’s much better if you include more pictures, because most people are visual. They perceive information visually. There are many websites that offer you either paid images or free images. I use free images (but make sure you don’t use images from Google, that will cost you a LOT if you do), so here are the main websites that I use –  and You can also find many other websites on Google, just search for “Royalty Free Images” and always check the License. You don’t want to use images with “All Right Reserved”, you need images with “Creative Common License”, you can use them anywhere you want.


This is a brand new tool that you can use for creating stunning images with text overlay, it was created by Buffer App. And the size of images is also optimized for Social Media posts, and you can share them directly from their website. Check them out

7)Buffer App 

It enables you to share anything that you’re reading online to any Social Media that you want. You can download it as an extension for Google Chrome (if it’s the one you use), and it allows you to share any content.


First of all, I wanna mention that there are many automation tools that you can use to syndicate your content to Social Media websites, but I personally use OnlyWire, which is pretty simple to use, and you can deliver your content to about 50+ Social Media Websites. You can learn more about them here

9)Write! or Evernote 

These are two different tools that you can use, depending on your computer’s operating system. If you use Windows, you can download Write! , and it actually allows you to stay focused on writing your blog posts (if you do), it has spell checker included and text formatting. And if you’re using Mac, I’d recommend you to download Evernote. That’s where you can keep all your ideas and write your blog posts without getting distracted.

10)Stay focused and productive

This is a fun tool that I just recently found out about. You may or may not use it. I do when I’m focusing on writing. You can select to create any environment, that suits you, by mixing different sounds. Here’s their website ==>


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