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The 3 Minute Expert – Attraction Marketing Edition

3 minute expert ray higdon

Are you a blogger? Or are you just thinking of starting a blog? Statistics say that around 80{f3c65145988e2e59c83e583cebd868b487b41a6223d103cb7159bbb31ea456e1} of bloggers never make any money. That’s not your fault!

This problem can be fixed within 30 days! The 3 Minute Expert is hands down the #1 blogging course that you will ever have to go through. It teaches you how to become an authority in your niche, and build a profitable online business with one little website.

Blogging should be the cornerstone of your marketing because it’s where people can come check you out, consume your valuable content, and begin to build a relationship with you. When that happens, you will start to gain trust. And when that happens, you are on you way to building a business that can set you free.

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The Copywriting Mastery

copywriting mastery brian fanale

Multi-Million Dollar copywriter reveals hid deadly persuasive copywriting secrets that will allow you to print money on demand.

Inside this course you will lifetime access to the best kept copy secrets to hack into the unconscious mind of your prospect where the BUYING decision takes place, and begin to control their thoughts.

Copywriting is the highest paying skill on the internet, and good copywriters never go hungry. Nearly 19 hours of nothing but pure copywriting gold, an interview with Copywriting Legend Dan Kennedy, and 8 PDF Cheat-Sheet print-outs including a paint-by-numbers powerpoint sales script & 51 ‘Mind-Hacks’ you can implement immediately to increase conversions… this course is engineered to transform you into a lethal copywriter so you never have to worry about money again.

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Live The Dream 7 Event

live the dream

FACT: If you wanna go far in the online marketing industry, and become a top earner in any company, you MUST get to live events. Live the Dream is one of the best events you can ever attend, and meet almost every big industry leader.

This is a MUST-ATTEND event if you are serious about taking your business to the next level. The connections you will make and the overall experience will shift your life forever.

Upgrade your ‘Live the Dream’ experience with a VIP ticket! As a VIP ticket holder, you will have special opportunities & VIP parties where you will rub shoulders with the LTD speakers, and industry top earners in a much more intimate setting. Bring your cameras because just one interview or photo in the VIP with industry household names can boost your credibility, authority, and bring you instant celebrity status. And who knows… you just may meet a future business partner or build a relationship with a LTD speaker that goes on to radically alter your family’s financial destiny. But it can only happen IF you GO VIP!

My Prospecting Playbook


Do you understand how much money you’re leaving on the table in your business opportunity? If you’re not calling your prospects, then you’re simply handing them right over to the marketers who are.

In this short interview a Master Recruiter in our industry gives up his proven and simple 17 word script…and reveals exactly how he steers the conversation every time he gets on the phone.

If you are serious about building an online business than picking up the phone and connecting with your prospects is absolutely one of the most profitable things you could do. After all, it’s PEOPLE that buy products and join businesses. And we all know that people buy from PEOPLE, not from companies.

This recorded 5-Week Prospecting Intensive will put you on track to master the art of Prospecting to help you print money with your business. If you want to become a #1 recruiter, you might as well learn from the best!

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5K in 30 Days

5k in 30 days

What would you do if you had lost everything, and to start your business all over again… from scratch?

These are the 3 Interviews that will change your business (and your life!).

“If your son, daughter, wife, husband, sibling, or loved one was diagnosed with terminal cancer and you had to generate $5,000 with your business in the next 30 days so that you could buy the antidote or else, how would you do it if… You had to start all over from scratch with NO list, NO JV partners, NO previous success, NO real budget for marketing, NOTHING! How would you guarantee you make $5,000 in the next 30 days with YOUR business?!

These are mastermind videos that will change the way you think about marketing forever.

For the price of these interviews, you would be absolutely insane to not PICK UP THESE INTERVIEWS RIGHT NOW.

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