26 Ways To Unlock Your Creative Genius

How to unlock your creative genius?

What does it mean and why do you need to do that? 

Every once in a while we have some sort of a block when it comes to content creation. Especially if you’re a blogger and you have to share the best stuff that’s going to serve your target audience.

And you need to unlock your creative genius in order to create killer content that your audience really wants.

So today I’m going to share with you several tips on how to unlock the creative genius inside of you.

1.Always keep sharpening your skills.

Whenever we learn something, there’s always MORE to the skills, there;s always the next level. Start searching for mentors, communities, systems, that will allow you to step to the next level. 

2.Challenge yourself.

Especially when it comes to creating fresh content for your audience. If you are blogging, you should create on a consistent basis, or your readers will simply forget about you. 

3.Write your ideas on paper.

What I usually do, is at the end of each week I sit down and write down all the content ideas that come to my mind. I think what my audience wants, what are their pains and frustrations, and how can I serve them best. And then I simply import all of my ideas and notes into WordPress and edit them later throughout the week. Since I’m more visual, and I tend to forget all ideas, I write them on paper, and it’ll definitely help you when it comes to creating content regularly. 

4.Stop comparing yourself to others.

That’s a big thing. Have you ever looked at every leader in the industry and wondered how they were achieving everything and you’re still not getting any results? I sure have! And you know what? Everyone’s situation is unique. Everyone starts from different point, with different circumstances. You CAN’T compare yourself to anyone else. You should start where you are with what you have. It’s not about what you don’t have, it’s about how resourceful you are.

5.Turn off all distractions.

If you want to finish up an important project, it’s so critical to get rid of all distractions, because they lead to procrastination. Whenever you start doing something, turn off all Facebook notifications, turn off the Internet, stay in your office or somewhere quite. Whenever I do something important, I make sure that nothing and no one distracts me.

Here’s a cool infographic that I found at www.dailyinfographic.com that shows 21 more ways to unlock your creative genius.

Unlock Your Creative Genius

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