Unqualified Success by Rachel Stewart | 5 LESSONS | Book Review

Unqualified Success by Rachel Stewart – 5 Key Lessons | BOOK REVIEW

“Unqualified Success” is a brand new book by Rachel Stewart, which review I’m super excited to bring out to you.

In this review you’re going to learn 5of the biggest lessons from Rachel’s book, as well as I have a special interview I did with her, which is a bonus.

Oh, and here’s where you can grab the book – Unqualified Success.

1.Unqualified Success Tips – Mindset Matters

As humans we’re always concerned about the results we get in life. So Rachel said one very important point – results don’t ever create feelings. You may be happy for like 5 seconds when you reach some goals, but then the feeling fades away. Only our thoughts create feelings. And THEN comes the results.

Here’s how it works.. First there’s a thought, then the body releases chemicals, giving us a feeling. This feeling makes us act or not act, and we get a result.

In the video above I dive into each point much deeper.

2.Unqualified Success Tips – Picture Perfect

Everything comes down to your vision. No matter where you are right now, imagine where you actually want to be long term.

Rachel referenced a quote from Sarah Blakely (creator of Spanx) – You will subconsciously be making decisions that will get you there.

3.Unqualified Success Tips – Use Failure to Fuel Your Success

Have you heard of the book by John C. Maxwell “Fail Forward”? This concept is crucial here..

So many times we are so scared of failure. However, in reality, that’s what’s needed to achieve success. If you don’t fail, it simply means you are not doing anything.

4.Unqualified Success Tips – Passive VS Massive Action

The reason most people are not succeeding is because they are “preparing” to grow. And that “preparation” mode is making you procrastinate, while everyone elswe is taking action and succeeding.

Just dreaming about success is not enough. You MUST be taking massive action.

5.Unqualified Success Tips – Learn, Unlearn, Relearn

All the things that we are used to doing are done by us automatically, such as brushing our teeth every morning (it’s already a habit).

In order to relearn a certain skill set, you have to let go of the previous one. The same thing goes for you becoming a new person to get the new results.

At first, you learn (when you’re a kid), then you unlearn certain behaviors or habits. And afterwards, you relearn the new habits. In the video above I’m sharing a story from Rachel’s brother who had to undergo ear surgery to get his hearing back.

Interview with Rachel Stewart

In this interview below I grill Rachel on what made her write the book, some of the biggest lessons she has learned throughout her career, and a lot more.

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