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Are you using video marketing to build your business on the Internet? If not, you’re missing out big time. 

The reason why most marketers are not using videos is they are either afraid or they try to look perfect, and it doesn’t work well. 

I’m not the most perfect person either. I’m not even a native English speaker. But you have to just overcome all of those fears. Stop focusing on your ego, and focus on providing value to your audience. 

Video marketing is the most engaging strategy that you can ever use. Why? Because when people see you on the video, they know you’re a real person. 

My biggest breakthroughs in the business happened after I’ve started implementing video marketing. This is by far the most effective strategy. Period. 

And guess what? Video marketing can be used in many different forms, which I’m about to share in the video below. 

There are 2 types of videos that you can create: 

1.Evergreen videos

Those are the videos than can be either a YouTube video, or it can be put on Vimeo, or on any platform. That’s the majority of the videos that I do. The reason why I like evergreen videos is that you record them once, put them on the Internet, and they will work for you day in and day out. 

2.Live videos

This is something that’s getting very popular through multiple different platforms. I’m starting to use live videos a lot more, because they are very interactive when you have people on the line with you. Some of the examples are Periscope (I’m doing them Monday to Friday at 12pm Eastern, you can follow me here), Blab (that’s one of the new ones). The reason why I like Blab more than Periscope is that you can have 4 people on the panel and you can actually TALK to people. 

Facebook is also about to take over with Live Streams, such as Facebook Mentions which you can do from your fan page. And they’re also releasing Live broadcasts which you can do from your personal profile (but this one is only available for iPhone users so far, and I believe only for USA, because it’s not available for me yet.) 

And one of the biggest live videos that you can utilize in business is webinars. This is one of the best ways to capture your audience’s attention during a longer period of time, because this is a scheduled event. And people know the content they are about to consume. 

More video marketing ideas that you can utilize for business I shared in the video below. 

Top Ways to Utilize Video Marketing


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