6 Video Content Marketing Ideas

Creating video content for business is by far one of the most effective marketing strategies you can ever implement.

Even though, it might be scary, you just gotta do it. And then watch what happens in your business!

But what do you talk about in your videos? That’s another question to ask.

In this post you’re gonna learn 6 different video content marketing ideas, that you can implement in building your business online.

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1.Trending Topics

If you’re reading this post, most likely you are in network marketing, or any type of home business. If you wanna get some massive exposure, utilize everything you can! Especially trending topics. There are usually some news going on all the time in our industry. For example, last year there was an attack by FTC on one very big network marketing company. A lot of people were talking about it (including myself). I did a Periscope on this, sharing my opinion. You can do the exact same thing!

You don’t necessarily have to use network marketing related topics. You can just follow some of the trends that are happening in entrepreneurship in general. What are the breaking news that are happening today? You can talk about Elon Musk Tesla, or his big launch of the new car model. You can even talk about Donald Trump, if you’d like (be careful when expressing your opinion on politics). Utilize the big names to get more attention to YOU! It works!

2.Interviews With Leaders

This is one of the greatest way to position yourself as an authority within your niche. If you’re in network marketing or affiliate marketing, you do have some great leaders that you look up to. You can ask them for an online interview. It’s a great way to give THEM exposure by sharing the interview with your audience, and also to align your name with big industry names.

I’ve done an interview with the Instagram Queen April Marie Tucker several months ago, and it’s still being seen on YouTube! How crazy is that?! The cool thing about it is you don’t even need to create content yourself. You do have to prepare some questions (which really doesn’t take a lot of time either). If you can grab leaders at a live event, that’s even better!

In the video below I share 4 more awesome video content ideas that you can incorporate into your marketing right away! Happy video marketing!text

6 Video Content Ideas

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