Video Marketing Equipment

What video marketing equipment do you need to start using videos for your business?

Trust me, it doesn’t have to be complicated, and you don’t need to have all the professional and fancy video marketing equipment that you may think of. 

Even when you see that a lot of marketers are using professional equipment, it doesn’t have that you need to use it as well. 

Everyone started from using the basic things, just to get things going.

I highly highly recommend to you to start utilizing videos in your marketing and for your content. There are multiple ways how you can use it – you can shoot quick 15 seconds videos for Instagram (that’s how I got started and got comfortable doing longer videos), you can create short 2-3 minute videos and upload them straight to Facebook (this gets a lot of engagement), you can create longer videos and upload them to YouTube (if you’re using videos at all, I don’t anyone who doesn’t do it). 

There are also multiple apps where you can do live streaming, such as Periscope (follow me here), Meerkat, Blab, Snapchat, etc.

So in this video and blog post I’m gonna share 3 basic tools that you need to have.

1.Camera – that’s pretty obvious. You can either use a camera on your laptop or your mobile phone. I use both of them. All of the videos that you use on my blog are recorded on my laptop, which has a very good quality. But you can get started just by shooting quick videos on your phone. Today the quality on mobile devices is almost as good as on professional cameras.

Basic Video Marketing Equipment


2.Microphone – you need to have a good, clear audio on your videos. It’s not necessary if you’re just getting started, but you can get these microphones very very cheap on Amazon. I recommend a lavalier microphone, because if you’re shooting videos outside, your voice will still be clear even if it’s windy or noisy.

3.Tripod – this is the little tool that I recently got, which I mainly use for doing Scopes on Periscope, because I don’t like to hold my phone in my hand, and the video is not gonna be shaky. So I definitely recommend you to grab one of these. 

Video Marketing Equipment Tools:

QuickTime Player – video recording software for Mac, which is already installed on every computer. You can record your screen, and videos with your face in it. It’s pretty easy, just click on “Record” button. And afterwards you can trim your videos, combine several videos into one. And that’s pretty much enough when you’re getting started. I still use this tool, because it’s super simple to use.

Windows Movie Maker – it’s an alternative for those who are using Windows. All the features are pretty much the same. And like QuickTime Player, it’s already installed on your computer (and if I’m wrong, you can just download it). It’s also great for video editing.

iMovie – that’s a really great software to edit all of your videos if you’re using Mac. It’s super simple to use, however it took me some time to figure it out, but you can always google the technical stuff and learn how to do it. This is the software, that I’m using for editing all of my videos.

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