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What is Snapchat? A lot of the buzz has started to go off in the past couple of weeks about it.

I was questioning this myself, as I didn’t really understand what is Snapchat and how do you even use it? And if it’s possible to use it for Business?

So yesterday I decided to jump right into it and figure it out. What’s the best way to find out how to use something? Just dive into the pool and learn how to swim!

So many people told me to go and use it, and all the time I just gave an excuse – “I don’t even know how to use it“. Have you used the exact same excuse?

In today’s post I decided to share some of the tips that will help you clarify all the confusion that you may have about what is Snapchat.

Snapchat is basically just another social media platform, which is only available as a phone application. You can use it both on Android and on iOS, just go to the Google Store or to the App Store, and download it. And then create an account! Pretty easy, huh?

I don’t consider Snapchat a big business tool, so you can’t really generate leads or build your email list over there. Snapchat is a social media where you can have some fun! It’s like a small community that you build with your friends. You can search for people over there and have them added to your “Friends’ list” just like on any Social Media platform. And when you post something, they will actually see that. 

What I like about Snapchat is that you don’t have to mess with it like with Facebook, where you have to figure out how to have more people see your posts. Whenever you update your Snapchat (upload something), your friends will see that. 

So what can you upload to Snapchat? There are 2 options – either an image, or a video. Videos have a 10 second limit, so you have to be very short and to the point if you wanna share a message! You can also add some filters to your images, and you can even paint on them or add some writing to it. 

In the video below I talk more in details how to navigate Snapchat and what it really is. (If you wanna connect with me on Snapchat, you can find me by my username, and I’ll add you back – @JelenaOstrovska).

What Is Snapchat?


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