Your One Word Book Review Evan Carmichael

In this post I’m super excited to share Your One Word book review, whose author is Evan Carmichael, who’s also the owner of a massive YouTube channel with over 600,000 subscribers.

And as you’ve seen in the title of this post, there is an interview down below that I did with Evan.

First of all, I gotta say that for me personally this book has been a big eye opener when it comes to personal branding. As this is one of the things a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with, not knowing where to start.

Evan really takes it back to the very foundation, where you have to start before even building a business. It comes down to what you’re passionate about, because just trying to make money without any purpose is never gonna work.

So if you’re a network marketer and currently struggling with how to build your brand, this book is for you. If you are already an entrepreneur, this book will help you get more clarity and tweak your brand to create bigger impact on your audience. Or if you’re just trying to figure out what to build, get your hands on this book. You won’t regret!

Your One Word Book Review Biggest Takeaways (Quoted from the book)

  • Your business is not just about making a product or service. That’s a recipe for failure. And something that I’ve already mentioned before – If money is your only goal, you’ll never be rich.
  • Your limiting mindset is holding you where you are.
  • Be crazy and passionate enough to have people follow you and be inspired by you.
  • The #1 marketing secret – TEST.
  • You need to make big decisions with your heart and the little ones with your head.

I wanna share a couple things for all the readers. The book is written in a VERY simple language. And what I mean by that is some books just take you forever to read, because you need to look up the meanings of some words (especially if you’re a not native English speaker like me). This book is completely different. You can literally read it within one or two days.

Evan broke down the book into 3 parts – Core, Campaign and Company. This is basically the breakdown of how you can build any kinda business by understanding the simple principles and identifying YOUR ONE WORD.

In the video with my full Your One Word book review I share 3 more of my biggest takeaways from the book, so be sure to watch it.

Your One Word Book Review

Order Your One Word Book by Evan Carmichael Here

I hope you enjoyed the book review in the above video! And if you know me well, I always love to over-deliver, so I’ve decided to do an interview with Evan, talking about how he got started in the online marketing world, how he built up his YouTube channel, and much more. 

So check out the full interview over here:

Interview with Evan Carmichael


Wanna Know What Tools I Use to Build My Business?

  • My Ultimate Tool Kit – I get asked a lot as to what exactly I’m using to grow my brand and my business, so I’ve put together one page where I shared everything I recommend. Hope you enjoy it!

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